When can puppies have their first bath

Cleaning is one of the most important habits we have to take into consideration with our dog. Unlike cats, these do not clean themselves, so it is necessary to resort to the bath with a certain frequency if we want to avoid the animal with time, suffer diseases. When they are small, they are somewhat more vulnerable since their defenses are still forming but in spite of this, it is important to take into account some considerations due to their small age. In this sense, we will explain to what age a puppy should be bathed and offer some recommendations to take when bath time.

The importance of the first bath

The most advisable when bathing a puppy is to wait until he is more or less 3 months old. In this way, we are preventing the puppy from suffering a sudden change in temperature which could put at risk the delicate health they have at that early age.

That we have to wait until that age does not mean that we can not clean it up beforehand. If we are afraid because we see it as small or fragile, we can clean it using a wipe or a sponge soaked in water and drained to clean our little friend without the need to submerge it in the water, so that we could delay the process of the bathroom until we think it is more appropriate to do it.

The first bath is very important and it is that for the animal, it is going to suppose a completely new experience that was unknown. In this way, a bad experience can have negative consequences for future baths, since it may end up taking fear or any other reason, so it is important to carry out a series of recommendations to make this bath, something more pleasant for the puppy.

Necessary recommendations

Since the animal is going to face a situation that previously did not know, it is advisable to go little by little. In this sense, what we have to do is try to transmit as much confidence and love as possible so that you feel comfortable and do not be afraid when carrying out the activity. To help us with this, what we can do is show him the different elements we are going to use, such as the sponge or the shower tap, so he can smell them and see that they are harmless to him.

Of course and before carrying out any bath, we must be clear that the puppy is not sick or cold, as it can be lethal to him. As children, they are much more vulnerable to this type of problem and it is advisable to take extreme precautions. Likewise, it is important to have a few towels on hand to proceed with the quick drying of the animal to prevent it from cooling once bathed.

What products to use

To bath your puppy, a special shampoo is necessary. The shampoo of humans is not the same for dogs, so do not fall into that mistake and buy special shampoo for these. In addition, there are some special shampoos for different types of breed, depending on the hair they have, they can be more or less recommended.

For the rest and in terms of the frequency of washing, it does not matter that we are facing a puppy or an adult as it is recommended to take the bath once a month. If we bathe our dog constantly, we will be doing him a disservice because what we will achieve with that will be to weaken him, because we will diminish his defenses with the passage of time. Obviously, this is not a problem if the dog is dirty for whatever reason and you need to give water to remove mud or what you may have, we are talking about a full bathroom, in which shampoo is introduced and cleaned at the full.

In short, the truth is that the bathroom between a person and a dog does not differ in as much. As with babies or small children, we have to take extreme precautions in the bathroom at the time of drying and so that you do not catch a cold, with dogs is basically the same. In addition to this, simply take into account that they need a special shampoo and that there are a whole series of accessories that can make the bathroom a simpler task, such as the use of special brushes or gloves with which we can eliminate all in one pass. the hair that you have left, besides rubbing it well.

Hygiene in a dog is very important and it is clear that a healthy and clean dog will be less prone to contract diseases, besides being able to catch fleas or ticks, so do not neglect your friend’s bath, as it is one of the parts most important in your life.

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