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About Modern Combat 5 Game

Modern Combat 5 is a game that is designed by the Gameloft Bucharest. It is the fifth version of the Combat game series that was released on 24 July 2014. This game is a type of first person shooter game (FPS game). You can enjoy this game individually or in a team consisting of up to 20 people. The applications of the game are available for kinds of devices with Android, iOS, or Windows 8.1 as the operating system. The apps can be downloaded by using PC or laptop as well as kinds of mobile devices with the operating systems. Besides, the hack for this shooting game is also available for the players to enjoy the game much more.

In the game of Modern Combat 5, the soldiers are made in four classes, such as assault, heavy, sniper and recon soldiers. Every class of the soldier has different skills and weapons as the equipment.

  • Assault Soldiers: It is for a combat in a medium range and can increase damage, having assault rifles and pistols as the weapons, and the additional ammo is the improved gearbox.
  • Heavy Soldiers: It is for the combat in a close range, having shotguns and RPGs as the weapon and launchers as the additional weapon. The special skills are doing defensive gameplay and restoring the HP instantly.
  • Recon Soldiers: It is for the combat in close to medium range. The special skills are action fast and enemy exposure. They use SMGs, submachine guns and pistols as the weapons.
  • Sniper Soldiers certainly is for medium to the long range of combat. The special skills are sharpshooting and stealth. The weapons are sniper rifles and pistols.

During the game, you can enjoy the combats with kinds of actions including shooting, slow-motion, cover shooting, vehicle chases, explosives, etc. All of the action packs are distributed in six chapters with a mission in each, such as Rinnoji Temple, Castello, San Marco, Downtown, Ryogoku, and also Gilman HQ. Every mission also has sub-missions as well as special operations missions and different objectives like they should hit some headshots, keeping someone unharmed during the battles, and explosion attacks. When you can reach the objective of the combat, you will get the points that can be exchanged with the recon aircraft, airstrike, bomber, etc.

Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Game Review: A Game the Sets the Bar for Mobile Gaming

Mobile Combat 5: Blackout is one of the best mobile games so far. It has an exciting storyline, amazing graphics, and most of all a multiplayer mode. It is a new class mobile game with great customization options. Although Modern Combat 5 has its flaws such as one cannot play offline, not 100% intuitive touch screen controls as desktop and console setups, and overpowered weapons making the match one sided * the game is still the best shooter game on tablets and smartphones.


While Modern Combat 4 storyline is about terrorist, the Modern Combat 5: Blackout is still about terrorists shooting people and blowing stuff. The gameplay takes across 6 different zones such as the military base, a bustling metropolis, and a Buddhist Temple. In each area, you need to complete 4-6 missions before you can advance to the next level. After you are done with these missions, there are quick missions that you need to go on the same zone. These missions can be rescuing a hostage; clearing a few rooms, sniper perch, assassinate a target, and so on. Modern Combat 5 level design is fairly good while the spec op stuff is incredibly fun.

In addition, there are several classes where you can play on including heavy (explosive/shotguns), assault (rifles), and sniper. In addition, you can unlock these classes by simply playing the game * there*s no need for in-app purchases.


While many people say that Modern Day 5: Blackout has console-like graphics, it is simply a word of exaggeration. Modern Combat 5 graphics is not like those the console titles, but it is more than better for a mobile game. But, keep in mind that the specifications of the graphics still depends on your hardware or your mobile device.


If you have already played the Modern Combat 4 and other Gameloft first-person shooter game, you will not be surprised with the controls of Modern Combat 5 * the layout of the on-screen controls is similar to thumbsticks. In addition, the game has aggressive aim assistance by default. This means that once you have found a target aimed at it, your aim sticks there. Even if your target runs on a short distance, you can still hit it. This may seem weird, but it*s good for the shooter. But, you need to wrestle with the controls before you can stick you aim to a target. Although the touch screen controls of the game are a little awkward, Gameloft has done a great job in making Modern Combat 5 a great shooter game on touch screen devices.

Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk

Modern Combat Hacks and Cheats

It will be so much fun when you should learn through the gameplay, especially if you want to reach the skills of strategy and also work well in the teamwork. However, most players must prefer to win the game instead of learning. That is why the players must love to get some cheats of the game. To hack the game and always win inside the shooting game, you should have the application that enables you to cheat like in the previous versions of Modern Combat games. By using the cheats, you can use kinds of powered weapons or armaments even though you don’t have credits, having a great speed of shooting, unlimited ammunition, shoot through the walls invisibly, getting weapons for free, etc.

The Modern Combat 5 MOD APK spoil the game. If you only play the game seriously and follow the normal process of winning and losing, as well as learning and upgrading the game in a fair process, all you will get is the lowest position because the best players must be those who use the hacks. That is the fact although you now can report the cheaters to the developer through the Gameloft Live.

Playing the games is so much fun, but you should be sure that you can control yourself to have special time for games and other times to do any other things in social life. This shooting game is not recommended for kids because it could increase violence in them. You should have appropriate guidance, clear objectives and moderation to play the game, so you can learn through the computer game too, especially those who learn about planning and strategizing during the game without cheating. Everything has the pros and cons, it is up to you to choose which way to go.


For gamers looking for a deep and meaningful game should think twice before buying Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The game is much like the Call of Duty with enjoyable single player campaigns. However, there are significant reasons why Blackout should be praised * the storyline is a fun ride with many small addictive missions suited to play on smaller screens such as phone and tablets, and the graphics that set the bar for a mobile shooter game.

NameModern Combat 5
GenreFirst-person shooter
Latest Version4.2.0i
Size34.7 MB
MOD Features:God Mode
PlatformsAndroid 4.0 +

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