Download Idle Heroes MOD APK v1.19.0.p3 (Gems,All Heros)

Idle Heroes MOD APK is one of the most popular role-playing games today. Playing this game is a good way to make use of your idle the name suggests, is an idle progression game. This means that it’s good for people who are always on the go. This also means that your game progresses automatically, with or without you. You do not have to sit around looking at the screen all day. You can just click a few buttons. The game keeps on generating “money” even when you’re offline. You can use this to upgrade your heroes later on. We will reveal Number of features of idle heroes which you may not know till now!

Download Idle Heroes Mod APK free

This game is available for both Android and iOS. You can download Idle Heroes Mod APK in Google Play or via the iPhone App Store.Idle heroes MOD APK 1.13.0 for Android was published by DHGames. It’s basically a single-player game. Its download size is 97.35 MB and it has been downloaded five million times so far. Anyone can play this game and it’s free. It’s compatible with most phones, including those from Huawei, Zte, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, and Sony.

Why Should You Play Idle Heroes FULL APK MOD?

One of the best things about this game is that it progresses even when you’re offline. It gives you a feeling that you’re getting something done even when you’re not doing anything. This game is fun and it’s kind of different from other idle games because it has a sophisticated interface. Idle Heroes Mod APK 2019 transports you into a different world that’s filled with magic. The characters are interesting. It’s easy to play and yet, it challenges you to step up your game as you progress.

The game features over 200 heroes that you could choose from. Each hero has varying sets of powers and skills. To progress quickly, you should choose heroes with superior skills.

Here are a few more reasons why you should download Idle Heroes FULL APK:

  1. It has a chat system that allows you to connect with other players. You can play with other players in guild wars.
  2. It has an attractive interface. The game transports you into a unique colorful fantasy world that’s filled with heroes.
  3. The game has a number of interesting content. It’s loaded with dungeons, battlegrounds, and mysterious towers. There are exciting heroic quests as well.
  4. You don’t have to exert a lot of effort to win a battle. You just have to click the “battle” button and your hero will do all the work.

So, if you’re looking for a new game to play, you should get the Idle Heroes Mod APK latest version.

Idle Heroes MOD APK Android 1 Game Mechanics and Features

As mentioned earlier, Idle Heroes is easy to play. The goal of the game is to gather and summon a group of heroes, train them, and equip them with weapons or new items. You have to send these heroes to a battle and then, earn gems and other rewards. You could use these rewards to upgrade your heroes’ gear, power up your heroes, and purchase different items in the marketplace.

Idle Heroes Mod APK

Idle Heroes Mod Apk cool features, & app review

  1. Idle System

This is definitely one of the best features of this game. Your heroes will go on training even when you are away. So, by the time you get back, your heroes are better and have acquired new abilities.

  1. Auto-battle

One of the best things about the Idle Heroes Mod APK 2019 is that you do not have to exert effort to win a battle. You just have to pick the right hero, press the button, and watch your hero do his thing.

  1. Content Overload

This game has so much content. You could do a lot of things. You can summon heroes in different factions, choose the best ones, and send them into a battle. You can earn various rewards.

  1. Guild Wars

This game is basically designed for single players. But, it has a “guild war” feature which allows you to play with friends.

  1. Events

This function is accessible when you log into the game. The game features different events, such as:

  • Heroic Summon Event

You need a heroic summon scroll to participate in this event. You have to summon more than five hundred heroes to collect all the prizes for this event.

  • Militants Events

This event happens each time you win at Trail of the Champions or the Crystal Crown League. You would need to invest at least three hundred arena tickets to collect all the prizes for this event.

  • Prophet Summon Event

This event allows you to summon heroes using prophet orbs.

  • Casino Event

This happens when you spin in the casino. You will need a chip to do this one.

  • Fusion Event

This happens in the creation circle and it allows you to fuse various low-rated heroes into five-star heroes.

There are also a number of other minor events, such as the heroic miracle event, broken places event, and hero exchange event. There are also a number of special events such as the “login bonus event”, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Holidays, and the Idle Heroes anniversary. During special events, you’ll have bigger chances of summoning heroes. You’d get to maximize those opportunities with Idle Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Gems.

  1. Skins

This feature allows you to alter the appearance of a specific range of heroes. The heroes will have a number of special powers while wearing skins. You can acquire the skin by defeating the bosses on Celestial Island. There are a number of skins available, including:

  • Asmodel (King of War)
  • Malassa (Night Witch)
  • Demon Hunter
  • Flame Strike
  • Blood Blade
  • Corpsedemon
  • Iceblink
  • Vesa
  • Amuvor

The official trailer of idle heroes

Rewards/Gems in idle heroess

When you win in a battle or complete an activity, you will get a reward. This game has a number of rewards that will get you hooked by using our special cheat codes for idle heroes, including:

  1. Gold

This is the basic Idle Heroes currency. You can use this to purchase all the items in the marketplace. You can also use gold to upgrade your heroes’ gear in the blacksmith. You can also use this to level up your heroes.

You can earn gold through many ways, such as:

  • Auto-battles
  • Successful daily quests
  • Win battles in Brave Trial
  • Win battles in the arena
  • Complete a stage and defeat waves of enemies in the campaign
  • Level up in the Tower of Oblivion
  • Complete challenges

Of course, if you have the modded APK installed, you’d probably have access to unlimited gold right off the bat.

  1. Gems

You gain gems from events, watching advertisements, winning battles, completing challenges, and winning daily quests. You can use your gems to summon heroes, spin in the casino, purchase arena tickets, and buy items in the marketplace. Once again though, it’s common for modded APKs to offer an unlimited supply of gems.

  1. Spirit

You can use this item to increase your heroes’ abilities. You can earn this reward through event raids. You can also earn this by winning battles and daily quests.

  1. Hero Promotion Stone

You can acquire the hero promotion stone by completing battles in the Tower of Oblivion and Campaign. You can also earn it by “disassembling” low performing heroes. You can also purchase it in the marketplace. You can use this stone to upgrade your hero level and for awakening. The awakening feature transforms your heroes to six stars and up, making acquire new abilities.

  1. Hero Shards

You can use hero shards to summon five-star heroes. You can purchase a shard for six thousand dragon scales at the Brave Trial. You may also buy it for four thousand guild coins at the Guild Store. Getting shards after winning battles in campaign mode is quite common as well.

6. Magic Dust

Magic dust is, as the name suggests, magical. You can use this to upgrade your stones. You can get it by completing a quest in the campaign and the arena. You can also buy it in the marketplace.

7. Dragon Scale

You can acquire this reward through the Brave Trial and you can use this to purchase items at the trial store.

  1. Prophet Orb

This allows you to summon 4-star and 5-star heroes. You can buy it for five hundred gems in the marketplace. You can also get it for 200 glory coins at the Trial of the Champion.

  1. Soul Stone

You can use soul stones to buy heroes in the altar. You can acquire this currency by “disassembling” heroes.

  1. Potion

You can earn this reward from Aspen Dungeon. Use this to heal your injured heroes.

  • Angel potion – This helps your hero recover one hundred percent of his/her health.
  • Mysterious milk – This recovers twenty percent of your hero’s health.
  • Demon potion – This potion recovers fifty percent of your hero’s health and increases his/her energy.
  • Speed potion – This increases your hero’s speed.
  • Power potion – This increases your hero’s attack power.
  1. Vagrant Merchant

Vagrant merchants give you an opportunity to own certain items at a price. There are three types of vagrant merchant – Handsome Boy Merchant, Baroness Lady Merchant, and Old Lady Merchant.

Idle Heroes Mod APK

Idle Heroes Structures You Need to Know

As mentioned earlier, this game has a beautiful design and is filled with dreamy and striking structures, including:

  1. Summon Circle

This is where you summon the heroes. There are three types of summons.

  • Basic Summon

You would need a basic scroll to do a basic summon. This will give you the chance to summon one-star to five-star heroes. This summon is available every eight hours.

  • Heroic Summon

You need 250 gems or one heroic summon scroll to do this. This allows you to summon three- to five-star heroes. You get one free heroic summon every forty-eight hours.

  • Friendship Summon

You need ten hearts to do this summon. This allows you to summon two- to five-star heroes.

  1. Tavern

The tavern unlocks once you reach level 28. It contains information on all the quests that you need to complete and the rewards associated with them. These quests are reset daily. You can also refresh the information on this dashboard anytime. You’re allowed to tackle one- and two-star quests for free, but you need to spend gems to complete the other quests (usually ten gems each).

Possible Reward for Tavern Quests

TierPossible Rewards
1Three to five gems and one basic summon scroll
2Six to ten gems, two basics summon scroll and five three-star hero shards
3Fifteen to thirty gems, three basic summon scrolls, twelve to twenty three-star hero shards, and an arena ticket
4Forty to fifty gems, one heroic summon scroll, four to eight four-star hero shards, two arena tickets, and one chip
5Eighty to one hundred gems, two heroic summon scrolls, ten to nineteen four-star hero shards, three arena tickets, and two chips
6One hundred twenty-one to one hundred eighty gems, one prophet orb, three five-star hero shards, thirty to fifty prophet’s blessing, and thirty green artifact fragments
7Two hundred eighty-two to three hundred forty-eight gems, two prophet orb, eleven to twenty five-star hero shards, eighty to one hundred prophet’s blessings, and fifty red artifact fragments
  1. Altar

You can use the altar to disassemble the heroes that you no longer need. Disassembling heroes would give you spirits. You can use those rewards to upgrade heroes in the hero panel. You also get other rewards, such as soul stone shards and hero promotion stones.

  1. Marketplace

You’re allowed to purchase various items at the marketplace, namely – magic dust, hero promotion stone, spirit, chip, arena ticket, heroic summon scroll, basic summon scroll, prophet orb, senior quest scroll, and basic quest scroll.

  1. Casino

If you have chips, you can spin in a casino wheel and earn various rewards, such as gold, magic dust, and spirit. You can also earn ten lucky coins each time you spin.

  1. Arena

Arena unlocks when you reach level 18. This is where you put your heroes into battle. There are three types of arenas, namely: the Crystal Crown League, the Trial of the Champion, and the Free Team-up Arena. What’s special about the Free Team-up Arena is that it allows you to team up with two other gamers. Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Creation Circle

You can use the Creation Circle to fuse weak heroes and form five- or six-star heroes. You can use three- to five-star heroes for fusing.

  1. Prophet Tree

This feature unlocks at level 25. This is a great place to swap underpowered heroes for godlike ones.

  1. Brave Trial

This feature unlocks at level 40. You can send your heroes to a brave trial, but only level 40 heroes can join the battle.

  1. Aspen Dungeon

This feature unlocks when you reach level 72. You can send five of your heroes to the aspen dungeon. The heroes will have to fight waves of enemies. After your heroes defeat each wave, you will get a reward – a Vagrant Merchant, a potion, or a chest.

  1. Blacksmith

You can access this from your home screen. This allows you to upgrade your armor, shoes, weapons, and accessories.

  1. Campaign

This is one of the most important parts of Idle Heroes. The campaign has four levels that are ranked based on difficulty – normal, nightmare, hell, and death. Higher stages have better rewards.

The Top Idle Heroes factions

The Idle Heroes are divided into different factions. Each faction has different sets of powers and abilities. There are six factions – light heroes, dark heroes, forest heroes, abyss heroes, fortress heroes, and shadow heroes.idle heroes mod apk is full gems of entertainment all you just have to know about hacks of idle heroes which you can use to play the game and get on the top leaderboard.

Each hero is classified into five tiers according to their abilities.

1 (God)5 starsThis is the highest tier. Use heroes that fall under this category.
2(High)4 starsThis is the highest tier. Use heroes that fall under this category.
3(Mid)3 starsThese heroes are okay. You can pick these heroes if you no longer have an option.
4(Low)2 starsIf you happen to have two star heroes, disassemble them as soon as you can.
5(Poor)1 starDo not pick these heroes.

Instructions For How To Download ? & play Idle Heroes Game on PC

Download and play idle heroes on pc. It is very easy to control the group of heroes over the PC or laptop because of the user-friendly keyboard or joysticks. You must be thinking about how can you play the Idle Heroes Free PC Game on your personal computer or laptop? If yes, then the answer is very simple. You need an Android emulator to play this game on the Personal computer.To play idle heroes game on pc is possible and quite easy just have to install an emulator like bluestack and the Android game either directly from play store (download link) or from here from below given the download link.

Here’s the list of the ten best heroes that you could summon:

  • Blood Blade

Blood blade is an assassin. He has high armor, health, and power statistics. He also has superior speed. It’s best to get the ten-star Blood Blade which you could create by fusing two five-star Blood Blades.

  • Sigmund

Sigmund is a warrior and has superior armor. He has good stats and he has the “make em pay” power which allows him to burn his enemies. What’s amazing about Sigmund is that his skills complement each other.

  • Corpse Demon

This hero has self-healing capability and he’s immune to freezing. He has strong armor and great HP statistics. He’s more of a defensive hero. He also has the ability to freeze his enemies.

  • Karim

This hero is an assassin and has endless power. He has a great battle strategy since he automatically targets the weakest enemies.

  • Kamath

He’s a ranger and has great armor. He has strong damage reduction skills. He’s known for his capability to keep himself alive a lot longer than most heroes.

  • Michelle

She’s the most versatile idle hero. She can heal herself and she has great offensive moves.

  • Miki

Miki is a ninja. She’s beautiful and she’s the fastest hero. She’s hard to kill and she has an amazing weapon – the rainbow laser.

  • Dark Arthindol

This hero is definitely hard to match when it comes to sheer speed. She’s one of the strongest heroes.

  • Emily

Emily is a priest. She has excellent health and power. She has a strong armor, too.

  • Vesa

She’s a self-healing hero who has amazing powers. She has great health and superb attack skills.

There are also other great heroes you can invest in, such as Aidan, Deathsworn, Dominator, Lutz, Walter, Grumpy Corpse, Kharma, Honor Guard, Iceblink, Sierra, Queen, Margaret, Aleria, Gusta, Norma, Lord Balrog, Dantalian, and Barea. So, to start the fun, download Idle Heroes Hack Mod APK now.

Idle Heroes Mod APK Revdl Tips and Hacks

Idle Heroes is a fun game as it is. But, here are some tips that you can use to further improve your experience:

  • To get the most fun, play it on a private server. You can do this by downloading the private server to your Android phone. The private server allows you to play with other gamers who are at the same level. This means you won’t have to play against whales – people who have spent thousands of dollars on equipment, heroes, and other tools.
  • You could join forums and discussions to get the best Idle Heroes private server hack.
  • Your first goal is to gather a team of at least six five-star heroes. These heroes have higher base statistics and superior abilities. You can summon most five-star heroes by doing heroic summons. But, you can acquire some of the other five-star heroes through Friendship Summons. You can also purchase these heroes in exchange for soul shards and guild coins.
  • To boost your power, it’s a good idea to upgrade your five-star heroes to six stars.
  • You should invest in a heroic summons and buy as much of this item as you can.
  • The best early game technique is to choose heroes who have excellent health.
  • When you reach the later parts of the game, it’s important to have a line-up of six-star heroes.
  • Your heroes cannot regenerate their health in between campaign battles or waves. So, to ensure that they survive through the series of battles, pick the ones with self-healing abilities.
  • Use boost potions immediately. These potions permanently increase your hero’s agility, speed, and power.
  • It’s okay if you can’t seem to summon good heroes anymore. You can simply create them by fusing low performing heroes in the creative circle.
  • Once you have a full five- or six-star lineup, you can sacrifice your three- and four-star heroes at the altar.
  • Don’t forget to use a good modded APK (such as the Idle Heroes unlimited gems APK).
  • Don’t waste all your resources trying to complete a campaign stage (though this won’t be an issue if you’re using a game with unlimited resources).

Most of all, remember that Idle Heroes is a strategy game. This means that you have to be wise when you’re choosing what resources to use and which heroes to summon. It also helps to join a community of Idle Heroes players.

The Bottom Line about idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Mod APK is definitely a great game. It’s something that’s worth trying. It has a great design and it’s undeniably fun. Most of all, it progresses with or without you, meaning you can continue to play without forgetting about your responsibilities.

NameIdle Heroes
GenreRole Playing
Latest Version1.19.0.p3
Size163.34 MB
MOD Features:13/Gems/All Heros
PlatformsAndroid 4.1

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