Brisbane woman lose weight without exercise

weight loss without excercise

An obese sugar enthusiast has dropped half of her body weight in only 10 weeks without exercise following dumping her’sweet tooth’ cravings.

Only ten months ago, self-confessed sugar enthusiast Elise Dunstan tipped the scales at 134kg and has been a dress size 24.

The 23-year-old pupil, from Brisbane, stated she would always snack on chocolate, cake and ice cream — while also downing nearly two litres of beverage every day.

But in January this year, Elise turned her life around after beating her sweet tooth and switching into a natural, chemical-free diet — that is totally free of any extra sugar, salt, preservatives, stabilisers, flavourings, colourings and MSG.

This fresh clean eating regime has paid after the inspirational young girl was able to eliminate an amazing 59kg and fall six dress sizes in only ten months — all obviously.

Now the company student feels more assured than flaunting her brand-new 75kg, size 10 figure.

Elise explained: “I’d snack on chocolate, ice-cream and cake, occasionally more than two times every day. I might never eat only a couple of squares of chocolate it might have to be the whole block.

“Then due to the sweet things I’d eat, I’d have no trouble eating a whole packet of fries to counteract this sweetness. It had been this kind of vicious cycle.

“I had always been obese as a child and during my teens. I was able to drop some weight through high school but ended up twisting all of it back shortly after graduating.

“I had been a massive emotional eater and I turned to food for comfort. I had a real weakness for whatever which has been packed with sugar”

Elise was also plagued with frightening health problems because of her burden, with doctors warning that she might never be able to have children because of her dangerously large cholesterol levels.

With a comprehensive record of diabetes in her loved ones, Elise said it was’just a matter of time’ until she would be struck by the illness.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t before seeing an unflattering picture of herself boyfriend William Wright, 25, from Christmas 2017 who Elise realised that she had to shed weight.

“I could not believe I had gotten myself in such a state of terrible health,” she explained. “Seeing that enormous woman in the photograph flicked a change inside my mind.

“Then, I chose to change my way of life and attempt to recover the happy and healthier life I have to happen to be residing at this young age”

After talking her continuing weight struggle with her physician, Elise was known to a free wellness plan named Diabetic Health Clinic conducted by Dr Peter Pratt which concentrated on helping individuals manage their own diabetes.

Though Elise didn’t have the disorder, she had been invited to share in the program because of the fact she had been deemed at high risk of being a diabetic when she continued her poor eating habits.

Elise kick-started her weight loss simply by going to a radical juice cleansing that saw her substitute all foods with juice for 30 days.

The concoctions necessary to be rigorously 80 percent vegetable and 20% fruit and Elise wasn’t permitted to absorb anything else besides water so as to instigate a proper detoxification.

Observing this, Elise totally changed her diet by removing all additional sugars, salts, preservatives, stabilisers, flavourings, colourings and MSG out of her foods — rather deciding on a clean-eating based strategy that focuses on entirely organic and whole foods.

And it was just after dropping 50kg which Elise started to integrate any kind of exercise to her regime by exercising five times week – that helped her lose an excess 9kg.

Now Elise said she’s feeling better than ever before ditching her reckless sugar dependence and turning her life around.

“I’m happy, healthy, cheerful and living. I will never return.”

Elise’s Top Tips For Weight Loss On A Natural Diet

Strictly no processed, fabricated or processed foods.

Whatever comes at a packet/tin, examine the ingredients instead of the supplements to be certain they’re natural and there are no additional nasties like sugar, stabilisers, preservatives, flavours etc..

Be bold and daring! If you do not love what you are eating you’ll find it tough to stay with it look new recipes and experiment with providing the flavour of your meal utilizing natural ingredients (ie. Honey, gf soy sauce, pure walnut syrup ).

Control your portion sizes using a plate so you don’t overload your plate at meal times.

Do not see it as a’diet’ but instead a lifestyle shift. No one likes to think they are restricted and the word diet definitely does this.

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